Cuts of Lamb Yael Jacks July 1, 2020

Cuts of Lamb

Learn the best practices of cooking your lamb.

You asked and we listened! We have outlined the various lamb cuts you can get and we have offered advice on how best to use them.

Below you can find a guide, to help you understand the various cuts of lamb, which are available from your local butcher, and what cooking method suits each cut best. Lamb is a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, but it can also be very fatty. Save those fatty pieces as weekend treats and opt for the leaner pieces during the week.

Lamb Chops on slate board


The Lamb Shoulder is full of flavour. It is perfect for stewing and slow roasting as it takes a long time to become tender. Ideally, you should cook the lamb shoulder on the bone for a couple of hours, until the meat falls apart when pulled with a fork. Sauce-a-licious Red Wine & Garlic is the perfect accompaniment to this piece. View our recipe here.

Rib Chop / Rack:

Lamb Rib Chops are usually cooked individually over a braai or grill, while the Rack can be roasted. We recommend spicing your chops with Nou Gaan Ons Braai BBQ Grill, Black Pepper, mixed herbs and a touch of Olive Oil.

Loin Chop:

The Loin Chop is a chop cut from the waist of the lamb. They are best cooked on the grill. You can marinate them in Sauce-a-licious BH Basting for a few hours prior to cooking.


This generous cut is tender and full of flavour. It is best-cooked whole on the bone to get the maximum flavour. Spice with Nou Gaan Ons Braai Braai Spice and rosemary and baste with Sauce-a-licious Garlic & Herb.


Lamb shank is super simple to prepare. When cooked slowly, it gives the meat a soft, melting texture. Slow roast in the oven with Your Choice Meat Marinade for a delicious meal.


Lamb riblets are cut from the breast with meat and fat in layers. These are best prepared on the braai with Nou Gaan Ons Braai Mama Afrika spice and a squeeze of Quinns Lemon Juice.


The neck can be left connected to the shoulder or separated and used in a stew. Lamb Neck can be cooked slowly on low heat or cooked quickly over high heat, making it a great option with variety. Use some Sauce-a-licious Barbados Twist to add some warmth to your stew.

Stew Meat:

Lamb stew is usually made from off-cuts that were not used for chops or roasts. The meat is often still on the bone with a small amount of fat. See our delicious recipe for Lamb Stew using Your Choice sauces here.

You can see other delicious lamb recipes here. Send us pics on Facebook and Instagram of any dishes you created.

lamb riblets on plate with chilli

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