Quality and storage conditions

Quality and storage conditions admin April 24, 2024


Sealed Product:

  • Keep product for the duration of the shelf life – as per expiry date on packaging
  • All products must be stored ≤25°C at room temperature, properly sealed to prevent cross contamination and bacterial growth and premature spoilage.
  • Store away from direct heat or in sunlight (may cause pre-mature spoilage).
  • Colour may vary based on natural ingredients used in the products.
  • Colour may change based on storage conditions, exposure to light.
  • Shake well before opening.
  • Shake well before use.

Open Product:

  • Once product is open, keep product refrigerated ≤7°C.
  • Product quality might be compromised if product is not stored correctly.
  • Once open, use product within 2 weeks of refrigeration, and keep sealed.
  • Once open, store away from direct heat or in sunlight (may cause spoilage).
  • Shake well before use and close the bottle properly after use.