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Private Label Sauce Manufacturers:
Our Flavourful Story

Product Development

In our own in-house R&D kitchen we develop Products together with our clients

Private Label
We offer private label manufacturing and bottling of products for well-known brands.
We have developed a range of our own brands in order to complement the ever-changing needs in the market.
Product Development

Catercorp’s dedicated team of food technologists work in-house to formulate and design specific sauce recipes for all our clients and assist them in bringing their concepts to life.

Catercorp has an in-house fully equipped R&D Test Kitchen, run by our dedicated food technologists, where we work together with our clients to develop bespoke and innovative product offerings to add to their range.  Our team is there every step of the way advising on how best to manufacture your products.

At Catercorp, we are versatile with the number of cooking stations we have, so a minimum quantity of 375 kg to a maximum of 1,625 kg can be cooked with multiple runs. We can assist with label design and packaging solutions, as we are linked to various suppliers.

We service a wide range of clients, comprising of chain stores, independent chefs and bakers, wholesalers, restaurants and food service groups.

Private Label

Catercorp manufactures both house brands and private labels for well-established clientele, in South Africa and internationally, in our state of the art factory.

We offer private label manufacturing and bottling of customised products for many different brands. Protecting your intellectual property is a fundamental requirement and your process will begin with the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement.

We offer a full turnkey solution for all our clients, from testing and quality control to the bottling and labelling of products, as well as production planning.

We can bottle products into any design, glass or plastic bottle that you require. Our expert staff have specialized product knowledge and a well-established reputation for practical and cost-effective package design. Our factory is equipped with various pots to cook product from 375 litres up to 2000 litres.

Whether you are looking to private label an existing Catercorp product range, manufacture your own recipe, or would like us to develop a custom range, Catercorp is the perfect partner for you.

Catercorp services a wide range of clients with our extensive range of products. We offer retail, wholesale and bulk. our products are available in varient of pack sizes to suit your specific needs.
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