The Catercorp Manufacturing Process Explained Yael Jacks July 4, 2022

The Catercorp Manufacturing Process Explained

Are you looking to manufacture your brand? At Catercorp, we regard manufacturing our clients’ brands as the utmost priority. We aim to deliver premium service and care to house brands and private labels, with state-of-the-art facilities paving the road to a fantastic end result. 

When embarking on this type of venture, it’s crucial to understand the processes your brand will undergo to develop it from plan to finished product ready to be sold to your market. 

Firstly, partnering with a manufacturer with FSSC 22000 and FSA accredited factories is essential with regard to all food-related brand concepts. With this step immediately checked off the list of considerations, let us dive in and uncover further information about the complete manufacturing process here at Catercorp. 

What Can Our Factories Handle?

At any given time, we are fully equipped to manufacture and bottle various products at several cooking stations, ranging from a minimum of 365 liters up to 2000 liters. We can run 18 different lines between our two factory facilities and can bottle products into any design, glass or plastic bottle required.

Moreover, our storage warehouses are the ideal location to store any number of finished products. And because we designed the facilities in line with the highest food safety standards, we can confidently promise to deliver the product at the best possible quality. 

Is your brand Kosher or Halaal? Not to worry, as we comply stringently with these considerations too.

Manufacturing Your Product

If you’re ready to begin manufacturing your product, our dedicated team will take you through the entire process. They will advise your every step on how to manufacture your product offering, making moving to the next phase of the process painless and straightforward. 

Moreover, we are very versatile with the number of cooking stations. Therefore, the minimum quantity will not be a problem for any brand owner. Specifically, we have a minimum quantity of 375kg to a maximum of 1625kg with multiple runs. 

What about the shelf life? The shelf life of your product will largely depend on what you require. To assist, we can test your product in our R&D department and advise on shelf life options, and we can outsource the shelf-life testing. This process will involve a week of testing for each month required. For example, 12 weeks will equate to 12 months.

Stringent Recipe Protection

We take the protection of your original recipe seriously. Therefore, when approaching us to manufacture your goods, we will insist on signing a non-disclosure, whether you own it or provided by us. Furthermore, your personally identifiable information (PII) will be fully protected.

Benefit From Packaging & Label Customisation

All products on the market come with professional, high-quality custom labels and packaging to represent what it’s all about and attract the right customer. 

We ensure to bring this to our clients, helping make their unique vision come to life. We are associated with a number of label and packaging design houses and manufacturers. No matter the request, a turnkey solution will be available to meet your individual needs.  

If this sounds good to you but you want a view into how things work, we also welcome visits to the production facility upon request. And if you’re concerned about the transportation of your goods, we take the load off your shoulders by providing our own fleet of vehicles and truckers as well as outsourcing and facilitating third-party couriers and transport as need

We would love to hear from you. If you have any queries or need further information, please feel free to reach out and get in touch with us today.