Satiating Sauces & Seasonings That Will Set Your Butchery Apart Yael Jacks June 24, 2022

Satiating Sauces & Seasonings That Will Set Your Butchery Apart

Adding sauces and seasonings to any dish is like adding the cherry on top of a chocolate sundae. These elements add a sense of completion, elevating the sensory experience of flavour, appearance and smell. Adding sauce and seasoning to your favourite meats can take the result from just fine to absolute mouth-watering irresistibility. 

Catercorp not only prides itself on its premium quality product but on its unwavering understanding of how to pack a punch with satiating flavours. We are every butcher’s best friend, with our speciality range designed especially for a meatier bite. 

So, are you wondering about what we offer that could set your butchery apart? Let us dive in and take a look! 

Delectable Megalicious Range

Spices placed on spoons on a table

Looking for something a little spicey? Loaded with flavour in every packet, we are famous for sourcing premium-grade quality raw materials to develop the best possible product for butcheries in the local and international markets. 

The Megalicious range is carefully formulated to elevate your products to something exceptional for your customer, specifically for all catering menu requirements. Moreover, we believe that unique flavour profiles can be achieved without breaking the bank. 

Our Megalicious range is broken down into four main categories, including: 

  1. Meat rubs & sprinkles
  2. Sprinkles
  3. Meal mixes
  4. Spices 
Lemon Pepper sprinkle placed on a. wooden spoon in front of a tub.

To check out every delicious spice, stew, rub and sprinkles, head over to our catalogue. We will give you a full breakdown of each meaty addition, perfect for any braai-worthy occasion!

Irresistible Sauce-a-licious Range

Chicken wings on a table with Sauce-a-licious sauces.

No meal is complete without the sauce! We think so anyway. The sauce to any meal makes not returning for more near impossible, especially when they are born from our speciality Sauce-a-licious range. 

This range comprises delicious marinades, mouth-watering sauces, and must-have-in-your-pantry condiments designed for retail and bulk purposes. These oil-based uniquely flavoured marinades have been developed especially to compliment beef, pork, lamb, ribs, or chicken. Take your pick or feast on them all ‒ why choose!

Our signature Sauce-a-licious range promises the flavours we all dream of finding. The best part is that you can source them in a whopping 5L carton for big-batch use or purchase 500ML to keep your shelves stocked. With over 30 uniquely addictive sauces to choose from, you can ensure that your customers are completely spoiled for choice. 

That said, why not check them out on our catalogue and see what gets your salivary glands fired up!

Butchery counter

Every great butchery needs a high-quality range of specially selected sauces and spices to set it apart from local competition. With Catercorp’s tailor-made Megalicious spice range and Sauce-a-licious sauce selection, your meats will stay in the minds of your customers for days, weeks, and months to come ‒ we’re sure of it. If your interest is piqued, contact us today.

Meat displayed in front of the sauces