Our Top 5 Autumn Salad Ideas Inspired By The Sauce-a-licious Salad Dressing Range Yael Jacks April 7, 2022

Our Top 5 Autumn Salad Ideas Inspired By The Sauce-a-licious Salad Dressing Range

As we approach autumn, we are still experiencing balmy days, so we are not quite ready for the warming comfort meals of winter. It is so easy to whip up a lovely salad instead, and to save you time, you can dress your salad with one of the delicious salad dressings from the Sauce-a-licious range.

three platters filled with finger food and bottles of sauce-a-licious salad dressings

Here are some lovely salad ideas to spruce up your meals with inspiration from autumn produce and the fantastic range of Sauce-a-licious salad dressings.

Autumn Coleslaw

Revitalise this old favourite with red cabbage, carrots, celery and apples. Make the dressing with Sauce-a-licious Creamy Mayo combined with low-fat natural yoghurt. This will give exciting colour combinations and some zing from the hint of chilli in the sauce. Sprinkle with some lightly toasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds for added appeal.

Colours Of Autumn Chicken Salad

Toss together gem lettuce quarters, sundried tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, and shredded cooked chicken. Serve on a platter of cooked quinoa topped with the chicken mixture and a generous helping of Sauce-a-licious Lemon ‘n Herb salad dressing. Garnish with quartered hard-boiled eggs.

Autumn Veg And Lentil Salad

You can throw this awesome salad together with minimum effort. First, cut your favourite autumn vegetables into cubes or strips. You can use any combination of sweet potato, courgette, onion, carrot, and peppers. Next, stir fry these in a little olive oil, garlic, and cumin until tender (if using sweet potato, start with this as it will take a little longer than the other veg to soften). Toss with two tins of washed and drained lentils and 3-4 tablespoons of Sauce-a-licious Oriental Soya Salad Dressing. Garnish with parsley, lemon zest, and mint, and serve warm or cold.

Citrus And Poppy Seed Salad

For something completely different, try this exciting combination of flavours. Cut mandarin oranges into segments. Toss together with a small head of lettuce that has been torn into bite-size pieces and chopped spring onions. Blend in a few tablespoons of Sauce-a-licious Poppy Seed salad dressing and garnish with a handful of chopped almonds. Delicious, unusual, and so very tasty!

Very Local Butternut And Biltong Salad

Chop the butternut into cubes and roast in the oven with a bit of olive oil and chilli until soft.  While still warm, add sliced biltong, chopped coriander and spring onions. Mix through with a generous serving of thick and creamy Sauce-a-licious Ranch salad dressing. Garnish with cubes of feta, diced peppadews and lemon zest.

All Sauce-a-licious Salad Dressings are manufactured to the highest standard and are both Kosher and Halaal certified.

Explore the full range of Sauce-a-licious salad dressing to find other ways to add some zing to your autumn salads, with six unique taste profiles. Contact Catercorp today to learn more about the Sauce-a-licious range of marinades, sauces, and condiments made for the retail market.