The Secret to Island Style Food Yael Jacks January 31, 2022

The Secret to Island Style Food

Island-style food can mean a lot of things since there are so many islands around the world with such different climates and cultures. For example, Zanzibar’s cuisine off the coast of Africa differs vastly from that of Vancouver Island off the coast of Canada, which in turn is vastly different from the USA’s Hawaiian islands or Bali in Indonesia.

However, when most of us talk about island-style food, we imagine the types of dishes that one might find in tropical climates where there are lots of palm trees, fresh fish, and exotic fruits.

Probably the most iconic representation of this kind of eating is found in the Caribbean – home to some of the world’s most famous tropical islands such as Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.


fish being cooked over coals outside

Like most island-style cuisine, Caribbean cooking and eating centres mostly on seafood, which is abundantly available all year round. And, unlike other livestock such as cows, pigs, chickens, or sheep, it requires no cultivation or land to maintain. It’s essentially a free resource for anyone to claim if they have some basic fishing gear and a boat.

For centuries, island nations worldwide have experimented with seafood recipes, combining interesting ingredients to create some truly marvellous dishes of endless variety. You could study as a seafood chef for a century and still not know all the varieties out there.

The secret to quickly capturing a signature island-style flavour in your seafood dishes without any effort is simply adding a splash of Caribbean Island sauce from Sauce-a-licious to your fish. This fruity taste sensation features a touch of chilli and mustard seed combined into a rich and creamy sauce blend that captures the fresh and exotic taste of the islands.


chicken sosaties being cooked on a grill

Chicken is another staple food of island eating. While not as popular as seafood among the island folk of the world, fowl comes in at a close second because birds also require very little space and resources to raise compared with other land-based livestock. Chickens also provide eggs, which is a neat bonus to keeping them.

Honestly, where in the world are chickens not extremely popular as a food source?

At Catercorp, we have a wide array of brands and sauces that will enhance any chicken dish. But for that unique island-style taste experience, the Barbados Twist sauce from Sauce-a-licious is a winner. It’s a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet, capturing the essence of island style in every drop. Splash a bit on your chicken and you will be transported to the Caribbean with every bite.

To get your hands on these delicious island-style sauces, check in your local butchery or contact us at Catercorp today to locate your nearest stockist and eat in style.