The True Magic of Chip ‘n Dip Yael Jacks December 6, 2021

The True Magic of Chip ‘n Dip

There are lots of reasons to love french fries – or chips, as they’re known in South Africa. Not only are they delicious, but they can serve as a side dish or as a snack all on their own.

They can be made skinny or curly, wavy or fat, they can be stiff or soft – known as “slap chips” – and they taste fabulous with just about any sauce you can think of.

They’re vegan friendly, and they’re made out of potatoes, which is nature’s most nutritious vegetable. You could quite literally survive on potatoes alone for the rest of your life just fine without any issue.

And did we mention that they are fantastically delicious? We did? Well, it’s worth mentioning again. Science has shown that eating chips cause your brain to release high amounts of dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone, which is why eating chips feels so darn right.

French fries in a bowl with Chip 'n Dip 250ml squeeze bottles in the background

How Chip ‘n Dip Took Fries to the Next Level

In America, ketchup is the favoured sauce for french fries, but the Dutch got weird with it and started putting mayonnaise on theirs. The idea of Chip ‘n Dip’s array of delicious sauces came after realising that the Dutch were onto something.

That’s how, in the 1990s, the first Chip ‘n Dip franchise was opened in South Africa, introducing the country to a whole new concept – chips with an array of sauce flavours to mix and match for the perfect snack customisable to each customers’ taste.

A chip 'n Dip trailer serving a boy chips in a parking area

The Secret is in the Sauce

As delightful as chips might be on their own, the real reason the Chip ‘n DIp brand became a household name was because of the sauces – those scrumptious and wonderful explosions of juicy flavour that are so irresistible.

That’s really where the magic lies – in the sauces.

Table top filled with chips, snacks and chip 'n dip sauces

Of course, there’s good old tomato flavour sauce and the old dutch favourite – mayonnaise. But then there’s also cheese, garlic and herb, BBQ, Thai sweet chilli, honey mustard, cream cheese and chives, 1000 island and creamy peri peri.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait until you see a Chip ‘n Dip franchise to get these sauces onto your food and into your mouth. They are available in retail, so you can take them home and get creative in your own kitchen.

To get your hands on all the Chip ‘n Dip sauces you can handle, contact Catercorp today to find a stockist near you!