Easy Cooking With Sauce-a-Licious Yael Jacks November 23, 2021

Easy Cooking With Sauce-a-Licious

Everyone loves delicious food. The problem is, making delicious food takes time and effort. Often, scrumptious meals require a complex and expensive array of ingredients. While spices and herbs can do a lot to spruce up a bland dish, nothing works wonders quite as much as a well-made sauce.

Not only do sauces add wonderful flavours to just about any meal, but they prevent food from tasting dry. They’re essential fodder in just about every dish imaginable.

Many South Africans would agree that there is nothing less palatable than dry food. We love our sauces. The only problem is that sauces can be difficult to make. With so many kinds of sauces to choose from and so many different dishes to pair them with, making different sauces with every meal can quickly become arduous, complicated, and expensive.

However, the wide range of sauces from Sauce-a-Licious serve to make that part of cooking just that much simpler. You no longer need to fret. Just whip out one of our sauces to make cooking easy and simple with delicious results.

Pouring Sauce-a-licious Prego Sauce into a pot with chicken livers and onions.

Saucing Up Your Meat

It’s easy enough to cook a piece of meat. Whether you’re braaing it, roasting it, frying it, grilling it – whatever the case – the trick is to flavour the meat correctly for the best experience. Whether pork, lamb, beef or chicken, there is a sauce that will take it to the next level of deliciousness.

When it comes to beef, some BBQ, BH Basting or Monkey Gland Sauce makes it come alive with flavour. 

For your pork ribs, a bit of Sweet & Sticky or Secret Basting Sauce could make even a grown man cry tears of delight. Even try our Red Cherry Blast to give it a sweet zing.

For chicken, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Lemon and Herb Sauce, Chinese Sweet & Sour or Mango & Chutney sauce – although just about everything works with chicken.

Fish can be transformed with a bit of Caribbean Island Sauce and 1000 Island Sauce.

Chicken Sosatie Sticks and Chips served with Sauce-a-licious sauces

Saucing Up Everything Else

Perhaps you’re serving some potatoes or french fries with your meal. A bit of Burger and Chip Sauce will transform it into a restaurant-worthy experience. 

1000 Island Sauce takes your salad to the next level. Add a bunch of our Pickled Jalapenos to your dish to give it that tangy bite. 

Always have our irresistible Chillinaise on hand to serve as an accompaniment to every dish.

Choosing a good sauce really comes down to your imagination, which you can let run wild since you will have the time and freedom to do so. Experiment, mix and match, get weird and have fun. 

Sauce-a-licious BBQ and Chillinaise sauce in dip bowl with sweet potato chips

You cook the food. Let our sauces make it special!

For a wide array of different sauces at affordable prices, contact Catercorp today to find a stockist in your area and get your hands on the best flavours money can buy.