Best Spots To Braai In SA Yael Jacks December 9, 2020

Best Spots To Braai In SA

We all know this country is beautiful. In fact, South Africa is so beautiful, it was voted as the best country to visit by The Telegraph in the UK 5 years in a row! It is easy to see why the British love our country so much with all our sunshine and wide-open fields.

One of the things that also makes South Africa so special is our beautiful braai spots. From the coasts in Cape Town to the plains of Karoo, there are some amazing and beautiful braai spots in SA. December holidays are almost upon us and whether you will be enjoying a trip away or staying home, it’s always a great idea to plan a day trip where you can enjoy a braai lunch. Here is a list of our Top 3 Braai Spots in South Africa that you should visit as soon as you can.

Preekstoel and Kraalbaai, West Coast National Park

You might think it is just another dam, but the Langebaan lagoon is breath-taking, especially during the Namaqualand daisies season. You can braai all day near the lagoon and overlook the boats, and when the sun gets a bit hot, simply jump into the water to cool down.

Preekstoel and Kraalbaai are well-known by braai lovers and watersport enthusiasts, so we advise that you go there early if you want to get a spot. You can also reserve a spot by booking online. And while you are browsing online, make sure to visit Catercorp’s range of delicious marinades, that you will need for the perfect braai.

  • Entrance: R94 per adult (in flower season), and R66 per adult (outside of flower season). Free with a Wild Card.*
  • Where: West Coast Nature Reserve, Langebaan
  • Contact: +27 (0)22 772 2144

Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Gauteng

It is hard to believe sometimes that you can find a nature reserve in the middle of a busy city, but that is what makes Pretoria so special. Groenkloof is not only the oldest nature reserve in South Africa where you can easily find a few zebras and kudus walking around, but it is also one of the most beautiful with astonishing views.

Popular for its beautiful hiking trails, horse riding and other adventurous thrills, Groenkloof offers a spectacular braai scene where you can relax and enjoy the lovely day a few minutes’ drive from the city.

  • Entrance: R45 per adult and R29 per child/pensioner.
  • Where: Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Pretoria
  • Contact: +27 (0)12 358 1757

Krismis Camp, Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

We leave the best for last. The name might sound like Christmas, and you will definitely feel like it’s a gift. Krismis Camp is arguably the most beautiful braai spot in South Africa, offering beautiful views of the mountain range, the snaking river and fynbos as far as the eye can see.

Spend the day hiking and cycling through the granite rock mountain pathways, take in the smell of the surrounding fynbos and wind down by the braai while overlooking this amazing view. It is such a beautiful view that the municipality has restricted parts of it, ensuring that only limited numbers can enjoy it a time to keep maintenance intact. Make sure to be there first.

  • Entrance: R30 per person on weekends/public holidays, free on weekdays*
  • Where: Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, Paarl
  • Contact: +27 (0)21 807 6231

There are certainly other amazing braai spots in South Africa which we have left off the list. If you know of a better one, share your story with us and say why it deserves to be in our top three.