The Ultimate Starter Braai Guide Yael Jacks November 16, 2020

The Ultimate Starter Braai Guide

Summer is approaching, and everyone is getting in the mood for a lovely braai outside in the sunshine and cool evening air. We’ve all missed some quality family time, with Covid-19 bringing restrictions to our lifestyle, but few things can dampen the South African spirit. And now as summer arrives, we can enjoy intimate meals with family.

Part of what makes us a great nation is our endurance, our true stance in the face of uncertainty, and of course, our tradition to braai. Others might call it a barbeque, ‘barbi’ or grill, but nothing compares to a good old traditional braai.

We have assembled a quick braai guide for anyone wanting to jump straight into the tradition. Take a look at what you need and what you can use to get a braai started at your house.

Fire: wood vs. charcoal

This is a sensitive topic amongst some with families divided over which is best to braai with, wood or charcoal. We are not going to choose one over the other, but we will highlight the benefits of each so you can make a better choice.

Wood is great for a braai as it helps set the mood. The open fire, friends and the crackling of the fire in the background make braaing with wood so ‘lekker’ for many. The downside is that it can create smoke if not used correctly, and some woods can still be wet which just don’t work at all.

Charcoal is more consistent and offers an easier and controlled braai. It is also quicker to get the temperature right than wood, but it might lack the effect some want from wood fires.

Marinades and Meats

Whether you buy your meat from a butcher or the supermarket, you will certainly need to add a good marinade to your basket. Of course, Catercorp has a large selection of the best marinades which can be found in many independent stores and butcheries nationwide, send us a message to find a stockist in your area.

Preparing your meat is important, and it starts with choosing the right marinade and seasoning. Before you start a braai, you want to marinate your meat for a while so it can absorb all the juicy goodness.

Once marinated, you can season your meat before, during and after a braai. Remember, most seasoning falls off during the braai process, so keep on seasoning as you go but don’t over season it.

How you want your meat cooked is up to you. There are five generally referred to ways of cooking red meat; rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. There is also one called blue where your meat is basically fresh and you simply throw it on the braai for a few seconds to get warm, but that’s not ‘lekker’. Most people prefer their steaks medium-rare and their chops medium-well. Just make sure to ask.

How to serve your Braai Meat

When your meat is ready, let it rest for a few minutes before serving. This is the perfect time to get your sauces ready. Now, you will have to be 100% confident in the sauce you have if you are just going to pour it over the meat and serve. If you want to serve the sauce without asking if they want one, then you must make sure to get the best sauce.

Thankfully, our Nou Gaan Ons Braai range is made to perfectly complement any meat. Explore our range of NGOB spices and marinades on our Catercorp website now.

Now that your braai is done, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the time with those around you. And make sure you have some marshmallows handy for the kids to enjoy for dessert.