National Braai Day: How Will You Celebrate It? Yael Jacks September 6, 2020

National Braai Day: How Will You Celebrate It?

One of the biggest national holidays on the South African calendar is coming up soon. National Braai Day on 24 September is a day where South Africans across the country unite for a common good, to celebrate our diversity.

All our cultures are combined into one day where we can celebrate and share our differences, embrace one another and look back at how far we have come since our past era of segregation.

National Braai Day, known as Heritage Day, is celebrated differently depending on the culture and region. In Kwazulu Natal, the day is used to commemorate King Shaka Zulu’s assumed date of death, which is why locals call it Shaka Day.

Others, like in Cape Town, will most likely celebrate it near the beach, as National Braai Day follows the much-anticipated Spring Day and turn of summer. However, most will spend it around a fire with their friends and family, much like how Jan Braai, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative, intended.

The question is, what do you need to celebrate National Braai Day, and how will you celebrate it? If you are among those who will celebrate the day with food, then you will need these three things:

1. Sauces

Seems quite common, however the secret to any recipe is in the sauce. No matter how good your dish is, you can almost always improve it with the right sauce. If you are braaing, then you’ll also need to have a great basting for your meat, and a lovely salad dressing to go with your side dishes.

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2. Spices

Another great addition that you will need for your National Braai Day is the right range of spices. The greatest way of ensuring you get the most flavour out of your dishes is to find the right spice that will enhance everything. From peppers to dried basil, there is a right spice for any dish.

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3. The Right Group

This is the tricky part. Usually you would be celebrating National Braai Day with your friends and family, or attending an organised event in your area. This year things will be different with the restrictions on numbers. Having a more intimate crowd means more bonding time with those closest to you, and there’s no better time to bond than over a great meal. Cook up a storm and enjoy the leftovers for the coming week.

No matter how you choose to spend the day, as long as you enjoy your day off, you are doing it right! Happy Braai Month!

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