Making The Perfect Chip Yael Jacks August 24, 2020

Making The Perfect Chip

When you and your family are having a braai with all those tantalising meats, there’s no better compliment than excellent, crispy hot chips. Even without the braai, hot chips can be the whole meal! When you’ve got your favourite Chip ‘n Dip sauce (or the whole range) then you’re definitely in need of the perfect chips. Well, we’re here for you, follow these steps and you’ll have a scrumptious meal or snack ready to go. 

Step One: Choosing your potato

This is a crucial step. You want a potato that is high in starch so you can get a nice crispy chip on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Russet potatoes are the best for frying but you can also use any other high starch strains.

Step Two: Slicing

If you want to keep things easy you can get a chip press which will make you perfect sized chips every time. But for those who don’t have space or budget for a chip press, you can always slice them by hand, in which case you should slice them according to what you enjoy. Whether that’s shoestring, steak or home fries, any size works as long as you are happy.

Step Three: The soak

A crucial step in making crispy chips is soaking them in COLD water after they have been sliced. Soaking removes excess starch, and prevents the chips from sticking together and making them extra crispy.

Soaking time can be anywhere From 2-3 hours, overnight or for a whole day. Just do what works for your schedule.

Step Four: The pre fry, fry

Once your chips have soaked in cold water to remove the excess starch you will want to throw them in your fryer/pot filled with oil for a pre fry.

There are two schools of thought on the pre/double fry method:

  1. Pre-frying them creates a waterproof barrier that maintains moistness through the second fry.
  2. Pre-frying them cooks them enough that when you fry them again you can achieve a crispy outside without worrying about the inside being cooked enough at a high temperature.

Step Five: The cool down

Once your chips have been pre-fried you will need to let them cool down. You can throw them in the fridge or freezer. Whichever you prefer depending on time constraints.

Step Six: The second fry

Once your pre-fried chips have cooled down it’s time for the second and final fry. Raise the temperature of your fryer/pot with oil to 190-200 degrees and toss those chips in.

It won’t take more than a couple of minutes for your chips to crisp up and start floating to the surface of your oil. Once this occurs, you can remove them and let them sit in the basket to drain off excess oil, put them on some paper towels or drain in a sifter to soak up the excess oil.

Step Seven: Salt, sauce and enjoy!

At this point, you can put the chips in a bowl and toss them with a little salt but most importantly you can dip them in your favourite Chip ‘n Dip sauce! We recommend having a few to choose from just so you don’t miss out on any of the flavours! 

Chip ‘n Dip’s mouth-watering dips are what makes them unique in the market. With 10 well-loved flavours, they keep their fans coming back for more. These delicious sauces are available for home use.

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