Netflix Binging Yael Jacks August 11, 2020

Netflix Binging

At Catercorp we are passionate about food, making it taste great and exploring new ideas and avenues. So it only makes sense that we love a good cooking show, and now is the time to indulge!

Snuggle up on the couch with some good snacks and watch away.

We’ve gathered our top 6 favourite Netflix cooking shows for you to enjoy.

Our Top Six Cooking Shows:

  1. The Final Table
  2. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
  3. The Big Family Cooking Showdown
  4. Cooked
  5. Ugly Delicious
  6. Chef’s Table

The Final Table is a contest with professional chefs as the contestants. Many of them own their own restaurants and even have Michelin stars, but they’ve come together to compete to join the world’s leading chefs. Each episode they explore a different country and have to “recreate” a national dish from that place. It’s really exciting and fun to see how they interpret these different dishes and add their own twists. One of the teams even has a South African chef, so there’s a bit of home spice in there for us. Ultimately only one team can win and we just loved seeing them get there. 

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is a very interesting 4 part series that explores the 4 main components of food. The host explores these ingredients in-depth and travels to the source to get the best understanding possible. From Italy, learning about olive oil to Japan, learning about salt and soy sauce, this show will keep you riveted and give over excellent knowledge while you enjoy.

In The Big Family Cooking Showdown, we learn that anyone can be a chef, and there’s no better quality family time than that spent in the kitchen. With a limited budget and some interesting ingredients, these families get creative and have a great time. From breakfast to brunch, lunch and dinners, don’t watch when you’re hungry! So, who’s the best cook in your family? 

Cooked explores food in a global way as the host travels from country to country to understand how cooking shapes our world. Using 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth), acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan delves into different types of cooking. He also explores how they can affect the food we eat as well as how we live our lives. What foods have shaped your world and what cooking methods do you rely on? Watch this show to get a deeper understanding and appreciation for this art.

Ugly Delicious takes a different view on cooking and eating. As long as it has the perfect flavour, who cares what it looks like. As the name suggests, this show travels around trying anything that others enjoy, no matter how unusual we may think it is. Every food has it’s traditional take, but what happens when someone new comes in and mixes things up? Well, that’s where you get new tastes, sometimes with sensational results. While it might not cross your mind to travel to Japan for pizza, you might find something that piques your interest and you can try at home.

Chef’s Table gives another take on redefining dishes, from a gourmet standpoint. Meet professional chefs who are changing perceptions of what traditional meals are supposed to be. Join them as they explore and introduce new ideas to the world. This show has 6 volumes, so you’ll be able to stretch out the enjoyment for a while.

What’s your favourite cooking show and if you could be in one, which would it be? Why not send us videos of your own creations using our range of Sauces and Marinades. We will feature it on our recipe page.