Father’s Day Yael Jacks June 1, 2020

Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day in 2020

On Sunday 21st June we celebrate Father’ Day, a day of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds. On Father’s Day, we show gratitude to all the father figures in our lives.

There are many ways in which we can celebrate our fathers on this day. We buy him gifts, we write him cards, we dote upon him, but we believe that the best way to show your love to dad is through his stomach! That’s why we will be sharing with you the perfect Father’s Day guide to showing your dad how much you love him with food!


It’s Sunday morning and dad is still sleeping. Head into the kitchen to make him a protein-filled breakfast of Eggs and Sausages.

Ideally to make it simpler we use a Breakfast Pan so we can quickly cook up this recipe in minutes. Serve it to dad in bed with a cup of coffee or tea and a note to tell him how much he means to you!

recipe card for breakfast

After breakfast, you and your family can tell dad your favourite things about him. This is a fun activity for everyone to be involved and will make dad feel extra special.

Once dad is dressed, enjoy a family sports game of his choice. Soccer, cricket or touch rugby can be played by the family with the little ones dressed up as cheerleaders, rallying for dad! If board games is more of a favourite in your family, why not make 30 seconds cards relating to dad’s favourite things.


Breakfast was big so a quick and simple lunch is a great idea to fill the gaps before dinner. Grilled fish is a delicious lunch accompanied by a side salad with the delicious Nou Gaan Ons Braai Slaai! We’ve got you sorted with this quick and flavourful Salmon recipe

At lunch, let dad tell you stories from his past. Even if you’ve heard them a million times it’s always great to hear again how he spent his days as a kid. You can even bring out some old family albums and have a laugh at the pictures.


Before dinner, in the afternoon sun, put together a mini family photoshoot. You can use a cell phone with a countdown timer. Get everyone to dress in similar colours, and pick out some great setups with dad at the centre. You can search for great examples on Pinterest.

We all know that dad’s love to braai. They enjoy a beer while sitting in front of the fire cooking dinner. However, they don’t always enjoy the preparation that goes behind the braai. Ensure dad has the perfect evening, by marinating his favourite steaks in this winner of a marinade recipe and prepare potatoes, mielies, and onions ready for the braai. Now that you’ve done all the preparation, sit with dad while he cooks supper and enjoys the time together. Make sure you have your favourite dips readily available from our range of products.

Enjoy eating dinner together and ask dad what he would like for Father’s Day next year!

This will definitely be the perfect end to a wonderful Father’s Day and to assist we will be giving one lucky winner a hamper with many of the sauces needed to pull off this perfect day. Check out our Facebook and Instagram post to see how you can enter before the 14th June 2020.