Creating Your Own Sauce Yael Jacks April 18, 2020

Creating Your Own Sauce

Do you have the best sauce in the business? Are you currently selling your sauce to family and friends but want to expand your production? Are you not sure how to begin?

Let us assist you and explain the steps taken when developing your own range of sauces. At Catercorp, we are here ready to help you every step of the way.


We understand that you have the best recipe to make the sauce at home, however, there are many factors that you will need to consider before putting your product into production. Our dedicated in-house food technologist is available to sit with you and go through all the factors that need to be assessed when developing your range.

Bulk Production – when producing your sauce in bulk, does it keep the same flavour and texture. Our specialized machinery allows us to test small quantities with the accuracy of how it will be produced in bulk quantities.

Gauge The Flavour – you need to ensure that your product is suitable for various taste buds. We will assist you in getting your product tested and analysed by different participants to get a good product analysis.

Colour Matters Too – although you want the perfect balance in flavour, you need to remember that the colour of the sauce is very important. Consumers will purchase a product on the look. Therefore the colour needs to be attractive for them to want to try the sauce. Your sauce needs to look, taste and smell great.

Costing is Key – our Procurement Team will be available to discuss market price trends and help you source ingredients that will fit in line with your ideal cost. We will assist you with your packaging and manufacturing costs to work out the best possible pricing to put your product into the market.

Brand Development

Your recipe is finalized and ingredients are sourced. After that we need to ensure that your product is ready to be sold. With lots of products in the market, you need to understand what sets your product aside from the rest and how to create your brand.

Building Your Brand – our team is here and happy to assist with your brand development. Once you have decided the style of your brand, we can help you work on perfecting the look of your logo and labelling of the products.

Bottling Your Sauce – we can source any type of bottle you would like to use. We consider market favourites, concerns of hot-filling, look and feel of the product, and costing and help you make an informed decision.

Sales Strategy

Once all of the details have been signed off on and your product is ready to be manufactured, you still need to work on getting your product sold. You can decide on selling online, launching through specific retailers or running your sales at local vendor markets. Our factory is equipped with various pots to cook product from 375L up to 2000L. We, therefore can assist you with whatever your needs are.

Contact us with your ideas and let us discuss how we can work together to develop the perfect product.