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Catercorp Spices & Product Development - Catercorp

Catercorp Spices & Product Development

Are you looking to develop your own sauce or spice brand? Add new flavours to your menu?
We can assist with in-house RND and NPD to help you create your own brand of products. Catercorp is a leading spice and sauce manufacturer creating top quality products for the food industry.

Our team of dedicated food technologists and product development specialists work in-house at our fully equipped R&D Test Kitchen to formulate and design specific sauce recipes for all our clients and assist them in bringing their concepts to life.

We manufacture batters, batch packs for sauces, and blended spices at our fully equipped manufacturing spice plant. Our facilities are designed with top food safety standards to ensure stringent product quality and are capable of approximately 100 tons of powder production a month.

All product undergoes vigorous testing to provide a standardized end result.

Our factories are both Kosher and Halaal compliant.


Meet our team:



Head of R&D Spices & Procurement


Food Technologist


Spice Production Manager

Our Process

  • Introduction: we get to know you and your product10%
  • Product R&D: we work on your product development in the R&D session50%
  • Product Approval: you sign off on the final recipe60%
  • Pricing and Packaging: We confirm costing, packaging and labelling70%
  • Factory Trial Production: we approve a trial manufacture of the product in the factory90%
  • First Production: we book the first production date100%
If you would like to find out more about producing your own product at our facility, please complete the below questionnaire and submit or print the pdf and email it to