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Questions and Answers - Catercorp

Questions and Answers

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1How do I go about getting my product (s) manufactured?
Catercorp has a dedicated team, who will take you through the process and advise you each step of the way on how to manufacture your product (s), making it an easier decision to move onto the next step. Contact us
2What is the minimum quantity I have to take?
At Catercorp we are very versatile with the number of cooking stations we have, so a minimum quantity of 375 kg to a maximum of 1625kg with multiple runs.
3Is my recipe protected?
Yes, at Catercorp, we will insist on signing a non-disclosure (either your own or we can provide a non-disclosure agreement) either between 2 parties, or multiple parties. You’re PII (Personal identifiable information) will be protected.
4Do you offer packaging and customized label solutions?
Yes, Catercorp is linked to a number of label design houses and manufactures including packaging solutions, a turnkey solution is available.
5How long is the shelf life of my product?
This will depend on what YOU Require, Catercorp will test your product in our R&D department and advise on shelf life options, we can further more outsource the shelf life testing .This will be done as follows , a week testing for each month required i.e. 12 week equals 12 months.
6What Certification do you offer?
We at Catercorp do a number of independent audits throughout the year, which is a pre request from our Retails , this will include ,FSA (Intertek) , GFSI (Qpro) , We also confirm to good manufacturing practises(GMP) and have our own in house analytical quality assurance lab.
7Is your production facility Kosher & Halaal?
Catercorp is both a Kosher and Halaal facility, we are affiliated with both The Beth din and SANHA.
8Can I visit your production facility?
Catercorp welcomes the visitation of its facilities, including the production facility. It will be a pre request to be present on the first production run of each SKU (product line).
9Do you supply cross border?
Yes, Catercorp has its own fleet of vehicles & truckers, in conjunction, Catercorp outsources and facilitates 3rd party couriers and transport as required.