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Cuts of Beef - Catercorp

Cuts of Beef

cows with outlines of different cuts

Find out what are our favourite cuts of beef!

Thanks to our team of experts, we have put together an article, explaining the various beef cuts and letting you know how to use them best.

It can be confusing when choosing a cut from your butchery, but understanding the various cuts, will allow you to choose the right piece of meat for every meal. There are 17 different cuts, each having different cooking characteristics. Below we have explained our favourite and most used cuts and how best to cook them. We’ve also added some tips of which sauces go best with which cut.

meat roast


The chuck is a very tough piece of meat. It is popularly used for making goulash.

We enjoy cutting ours into blocks and using it as stewing meat. We slow cook this meat to soften it. You can build up the flavours of your favourite stew by adding Sauce-a-licious Barbados Twist to add warmth to the dish. Also great sliced on the braai with your favourite Nou Gaan Ons Braai spices.


The large piece of brisket is often cured or smoked. Although it is also delicious when slow-roasted in the oven for a few hours at low heat. Nou Gaan Ons Braai Basting Sauce, offering a slightly smoky taste, is great when cooking the roast. You can also thinly slice and put on the braai with Nou Gaan Ons Braai BBQ Grill Spice.


Rump is a very tender piece of meat and a very popular choice. The steaks should ideally be marinated in the sauce before cooking for a long time. We use Sauce-a-licious Secret Basting and marinate for 48 hours. Before cooking, dip the edges in Nou Gaan Ons Braai Braai Spice and herbs and braai over low coals.


The sirloin is lean, juicy and moderately tender, making it easy to cook in various ways. We enjoy marinating a sirloin roast in Sauce-a-licious Prego sauce for 24 hours. Wrap in bacon and roast in the oven at 180 degrees. Usually, an hour per kg if you like it well done.


The Ribeye is a beefsteak that comes from the rib section. These steaks are flavourful and can be very tender when cooked properly. Marinate steaks for a few hours before cooking in Sauce-a-licious Red Wine and Garlic. Braai over high heat.

Alternatively, you can keep the roast whole and marinate in Sauce-a-licious Red Wine and Garlic for 24 hours and cook on the braai or in the oven slowly.


T-Bone Steak is a delicious option for steaks. The T-bone is identified with the T shaped bone nestled between the two steaks. Spice the steaks with Nou Gaan Ons Braai Mama Afrika spice and marinate in Your Choice BBQ for a few hours and put on the braai. A fast dry-heat cooking method is best for your T-Bone steaks.


The Beef Fillet does not have a lot of fat and is tender and quick to prepare. It is great to cook on the braai, basting it continuously while cooking with Sauce-a-licious BH Basting. When serving, top with Sauce-a-licious Creamy Pepper, which can be heated beforehand.


There are two types of flank: the soft flank and the thick flank. The soft flank comes from the abdomen and is fibrous and very tough, but full of flavour. It is an inexpensive piece of meat and can be marinated and pan-seared. We suggest cutting into strips and marinating in Sauce-a-licious Garlic and Herb. Then fry on high heat with onions and your choice of veggies. The thick flank, however, is best used for a lean, juicy steak. Trim it and cook in the oven for long at low heat. 

Topside & Silverside

These lean, boneless cuts are best slow-roasted or pot-roasted. Regular basting is best with Your Choice Meat Marinade. These roasts can also be cut up into goulash for stews or curries.

different sauces and meat on a wooden board

If you have any other ideas that you would like featured and any information on other cuts of meat, that we didn’t feature, please visit our Facebook or Instagram page and send us a message.