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meat and sauces

Catercorp is all about sauces. Our team are passionate about our sauces and spend time tasting every flavour to ensure it is the best flavour out there.

We went to our team and asked them to select their absolute best sauce in our product range. Some of our team simply couldn’t choose, yet we still managed to put together this piece on our staff’s top picks of sauces.


I enjoy all of the sauces. If I had to pick a favourite for this month, I would say the Your Choice Chicken Marinade is a winner. I marinate my chicken a few hours before the braai and it always comes out brilliantly.


My faves are:

Sauce-a-licious Chinese Sweet & Sour on oven grilled chicken wings

Sauce-a-licious Barbados Twist and Your Choice Worcester Sauce with Chicken Liver Curry or Stews.

Chips with Sauce-a-licious Chillinaise and Prego mixed together.


I love my sauces hot so my favourite currently is Nou Gaan Ons Braai Schweet and Spicy and Sauce-a-licious Chillinaise.

I use them on anything and everything, yum yum yum!


I think Sauce-a-licious Creamy Pepper is by far the best sauce! Lekker creamy with a good hint of black pepper.

I like to have it in a boerewors roll or over a fat steak.


My favourite sauce is our NGOB Extra Hot Peri Peri, it’s delicious on those early morning breakfast omelettes, it even helps to clear the sinus passages with its fiery hot chilli profile.


Sauce-a-licious Mexican Chilli is one of my favourites. I make a fantastic nachos dish with Sauce-a-licious Jalapenos, melted cheese, guacamole and pour the sauce over it before I place in the oven.

It’s a fantastic starter to every meal.


My favourite sauce is Nou Gaan Ons Braai Sticky Chicken. I use it on all meat, chicken and curry dishes. It is so good, you can drink it out the bottle.

Quick on the go snack. I dip biltong chunks into my Chip 'n Dip Honey Mustard. Mmmm.


My absolute best is cooking a T-bone steak with the NGOB Mama Afrika spice and marinating it with Your Choice Meat Marinade. Yum!


Sauce-a-licious Sweet & Sticky is one of my favourites. I use it on everything but grilled boerewors basted with Sweet & Sticky is an absolute winner!


Nou Gaan Ons Braai Braai Basting is the perfect mix of sweet and smokey, and it's the only thing to make tofu edible


My best sauce is Sauce-a-licious Barbados Twist. I love it because it’s multi-purpose and has all the qualities of my favourite sauces: its sweet & sour as well as hot & spicy.

It’s great when cooking on the stove or the fire and also perfect as a dip.


I love Nou Gaan Ons Braai Sticky Chicken on absolutely everything; chicken, pork, skilpadjies and steak.

We’d love to hear from all of our clients, which is your favourite offering from Catercorp’s range of sauces and marinades. Send us a message and let us know.