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Why Buying In Bulk Might Be Better - Catercorp

Why Buying In Bulk Might Be Better

Sauces placed on a shelf in-store

If you use a lot of sauce in your cooking or even if it’s just served a lot as additional condiments at the table, then you know that it can end up costing quite a bit over time. Off-the-shelf sauces have become expensive in recent years owing to rising inflation and the increased cost of input ingredients, labour and packaging.

However, if you’re certain that you will be using a large quantity of sauce or if you’re constantly running out of sauce, then perhaps you should consider buying your sauces in bulk.

Our Your Choice range of sauces, which are manufactured locally at Catercorp to the highest standards, are available in various sizes, ranging from 750 ml retail bottles to 2 L and even 5 L bulk sizes. These excellent sauces come in a wide variety of flavours to suit whatever it is you’re serving.

Your Choice sauces in 750ml, 2L and 5L bottles on shelving

Here are some reasons why buying our sauces in bulk is better:

Lowers The Cost Over Time

The more sauce you buy, the more it will end up costing over time. Buying in bulk might cost more upfront, but you will spend up to 10% less on average when compared to buying the same quantity in small regular batches over a specified time.

One of the reasons that buying in bulk typically costs less is that it requires less packaging per litre of sauce, which can be a fairly significant contributor to product costs.

Saves You Time And Hassle

Every time you have to replace your sauces, it means either placing an order and waiting for delivery, or it means a trip to the retailer or wholesaler to buy more. Each time you have to stop what you’re doing to go buy more sauce is time, energy and resources that could have been better spent on other things.

Buying bulk can help minimise the number of times you have to visit your local sauce supplier. It also reduces the chances of you running out.

Helps The Environment

Larger sauce containers are eminently more reusable than smaller containers, which often just end up in landfills. Larger containers, such as 5 L containers, can easily be washed and repurposed for storing a variety of useful things at home or your business.

Moreover, when you buy in bulk, you contribute to reduced plastic being used for packaging since less plastic is required per litre of sauce the larger the container gets. By buying sauce in bulk, you are being more environmentally conscious.

A hand dipping a chip into a bowl of BBQ sauce

At Catercorp, we manufacture high-quality sauces for all manner of foods. Your Choice is one of our most popular brands and is available in a wide array of flavours in bulk. Get your favourite flavours today at West Pack Lifestyle stores and other independent stores nationwide!